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[vc_row content_placement=”top”][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are a National Award Winning UK based Translation Agency offering quality translation services.  We are the preferred supplier for many FTSE 250, NASDAQ and NIKKEI listed firms and are managed by a National Award Winning linguist.

We can help you to achieve your global potential, and we make it look so easy! 

Outsourcing your translation requirements is not only cost effective, it is also good for your business’ international future and growth and our friendly in-house team of linguists will guide you every step of the way.

Let us take the strain of getting your translations completed so you can stay focussed on your business. We have all the experience and specialist advice you need, so you don’t have to waste time, energy and expense looking for it.   That’s got to be good for business efficiency.  We can provide all the Project Management support you need to ensure your projects are managed seamlessly from start to finish – and with the aid of our bespoke translation management system.

translation-management-system-lingua-translations 625 × 393Professional Global Content Management and Human Translation Services – Advanced Technology

This is a revolutionary management tool which enables us to reduce costs (up to 90%), speed up the translation process and allow you to store your translations in one secure place – your own portal. Designed to manage your translations, your dedicated Project Manager will give you immediate access, enabling you to:

  • upload/download documents
  • request/approve/decline quotes
  • see how projects are progressing
  • retrieve or find translations
  • provide Instructions or ask questions via messages


Translation memory – Cost saving yet quality-driven and all part of the service

If you have had even a segment of content translated before then why should you pay for a re-translation? With translation memory we keep track on everything you translate with us and the more you translate, the more savings you will see. One customer submitted a large document and over 90% was translated a year previously.

A translation memory also helps to:

  • cut down on cost (without sacrificing quality)
  • speed up the translation process
  • ensure consistency in terminological choices (keeping the company nuances, style consistent at all times)
  • maintain high quality and accuracy at speed
  • increase accuracy



disney-institute-lingua-translations 178 × 75
amazon planet-lingua-translations 120 × 28
procter-gamble - Lingua Translations 114 × 92
london-partners-lingua-translations 154 × 101
Swansea_City_AFC Testimonial 154 × 146
Cath Kinston - Lingua Translations 154 × 154
Manchester City - Lingua Translations 154 × 154
FC_Barcelona_(crest) 220 × 223
FIFA 154 × 86
Star_Wars_Logo.svg 1280 × 773

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