Translation service levels

Translation Service Levels

Get the gist of service levels with our handy guide!

If you’re in a rush and just need a quick overview of the salient points of a particular document, you’re probably not going to want or need to pay more for a highly specialised translator to labour over the tiniest of details and a proofreader to go over the translated text. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want your clinical research to be translated for publication, it is likely that your target audience will require more than a summarised outline of your research that leaves them with a perhaps slightly hazier view of the finer points. This is where service levels come in. It means that we can tailor the translation of your text to your needs, so that you can get it to your deadline and don’t have to pay more for unnecessary services.

At Planet Veritas we’re all about quality and our linguists will work to your specifications no matter what service level you choose. No matter how large or small, specialist or unusual your requirement, Planet Veritas can offer you a professional and comprehensive range of services that will adapt to suit your needs.

So what are these service levels exactly?

Classic Translation

Our classic translation service offers you a full, high-quality translation of your document, but does not include a proofreading service. If you require the full translation of a document for internal use within your company, but will not be publishing the document on your website or in print, then this is the service for you.

Documents like internal reports, minutes of meetings and internal correspondence are perfectly suited to our classic translation service. All content will be accurately and fully translated by a professional translator who is a native in the target language.

Of course, the translator will carefully re-read their own work to pick out and eliminate spelling and typographical errors as well as to ensure terminological consistency. Our translators are highly skilled, well-trained and experienced proofreaders.

Premium Translation

Our premium translation service offers everything included in classic translation, while also including proofreading by a second linguist. This service is perfect for you if your document is destined for publication on a website or in print, in which case it is essential to have stylistic and terminological choices double-checked for consistency, as well as to iron out any last accidental linguistic errors.

As always your document will be assigned to a professional, native-speaker who specialises in the relevant sector. Once the translator has completed and self-checked their work, it will then be passed on to a second linguist who will cast a fresh eye on your document and ensures the objectivity of decisions regarding style, tone, register and terminology. They are essentially responsible for ‘polishing’ your text so that it is ready to be released into the public domain. This ensures optimum quality and you can rest assured that the content of your translated document will have the impact it deserves on the target audience.


Transcreation is the title given to the translation of a document (usually creative or literary) that also needs to be localised to suit the target audience. This essentially means that culturally-specific references are adapted so that they will have the same effect on the target audience as they did on the source audience. For example, if a Japanese document referred to a television programme, the transcreation into English would replace it with an English cultural equivalent to ensure that the document still has the impact on this target audience as it had in the source language.

If, for example, you were looking to expand abroad and want to launch your marketing campaign for a new target audience, then transcreation would be the service for you.

This service comprises translation, localisation, proofreading and copywriting by individual native speakers of your chosen target language, all of whom specialise in the sector of your document. By using a team of linguists, we can ensure that all decisions regarding style, tone, register, terminology, culturally-specific items and design are taken objectively.

Gist Translation

A gist translation will summarise a document for you, giving you a good idea of the most salient points. For example, if you have a very long document in French on environmental policy, a gist translation into English will summarise that for you and help you to pick out the key information.

This service is perfect for customers who need to know the gist of a foreign-language document, but do not need a full translation. Sometimes, gist translations are used to assess whether or not it may be worth having the document fully translated at a later stage.

Having a document gist translated does not mean that the quality of output will be compromised. Your document(s) will still be assigned to a professional translator who is a native speaker of the proposed target language, and they will carefully pick out the most important points to put into a short, 500-word summary of its content in your specified language.

That’s a lot of information…

We know! The translation industry can be very complicated and at Planet Veritas we know that ‘just getting something translated’ doesn’t quite cut it. If you want more information on service levels or are unsure what level of service your document might require, give us a bell for a chinwag (that’s call us for a chat, transcreated for our US customers!) and one of our Project Managers will be happy to go over your requirements and help you to choose the service level that suits your needs.