Multilingual SEO

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What would it mean to your business to rank first in each of your target countries?

With the constant evolution of SEO rules and practices, it can be tricky to maintain your site’s search engine ranking. As such, it is important to stay up-to-date with current trends. Certain elements of multilingual SEO, such as URLs and header tags, remain important but the way they are used is always changing. Search algorithms are always becoming more intelligent and are now capable of spotting outdated SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing. Finding the right multilingual SEO service is more important than ever before, as using a multilingual SEO company with techniques only a few months out of date will have a negative impact on your rankings.

The changing face of SEO

Google now makes around 500 changes per year to its algorithm. The algorithm is a set of rules that filter out web pages and puts them into an order of relevance whenever we do a keyword, or key phrase search. Although the algorithm doesn’t change much from country to country, terminology does in each region, therefore multilingual SEO becomes more difficult if you are using a direct translation of an English phrase. Let’s use English to Spanish as an example. In the UK, ‘translation services’ is one of the highest ranked keyword phrases, with over 200,000 global monthly searches. Translate this into Spanish and you have the phrase ‘servicios de traducción’, which only appears 5,400 times in global monthly searches!

A complete multilingual SEO service

Planet Veritas are now working alongside Grapevine Marketing to provide a professional multilingual SEO service for companies operating in any industry sector. Grapevine have gained top-ranking Google positions for numerous clients in various fields of operation, including the top spot for “Marketing Company” for their own business out of over half a billion results.

The world of multilingual SEO and its idiosyncrasies by lauguage

Search engine rankings are of paramount importance in today’s marketplace. If you operate overseas, it is important to ensure that you rank highly in the relevant foreign countries. Using the correct terminology is key – when it comes to industries and businesses, names and shorthand can vary greatly across different languages. There’s no use in ranking highly for terms nobody uses!

Law firmEnglish?
Cabinet d'avocatsFrench?
Studio legaleItalian?
Bufete de abogadosSpanish?
Firma PrawniczaPolish?
Engineering companyEnglish?
Société d’ingénierieFrench?
Studio di ingegneriaItalian?
Empresa de ingenieríaSpanish?
Firma InżynierskaPolish?

Grapevine Marketing Google Ranking

Grapevine and Planet Veritas can perform a full multilingual SEO audit on your current site to assess your current rankings and evaluate vital aspects such as text quality, headings, and site structure. We will then prepare a plan, with associated costs included, for Planet Veritas and Grapevine to take over your SEO on a monthly basis so that you can reap the rewards internationally. We are experts in combining expert translation services together with the intricacies and often misunderstood SEO procedures.