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Veritas are internationally renowned providers of quality Vietnamese translation and interpreting services. All of our Vietnamese translation and interpreting services are carried out by professional, fully qualified and registered translators and interpreters.

Our expert linguists work across a wide range of industries and sectors including; business, legal, financial, public sector, multimedia, sports, technical, and many more.

Sourcing a Vietnamese translation

Finding a company to provide you with a high quality Vietnamese translation can be difficult. That’s why we suggest that you take all the time that you need in sourcing a professional translation company that offers expert Vietnamese translation services.

Trust is a major factor. We trust our Vietnamese translators completely, and we know that you can trust them completely with your Vietnamese translation project too. It is likely that you do not speak Vietnamese yourself, and you may never have even dealt with a project of this nature before, so making sure that you are confident in the translation company you choose is paramount.

Veritas can provide Vietnamese translations of any general, technical document or text. Don’t worry about the size either, we can handle any project no matter how small or large, whilst we also provide urgent Vietnamese translation services if you require your job completing in a hurry.

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Vietnamese translation - VeritasLocation Vietnam, Indochina Peninsula, Southeast Asia
Population 91 million people
Language family Austro-Asiatic
Related languages Khmer, Mon, Chinese, French
Number of global speakers Close to 100 million native speakers worldwide

Vietnamese translation – our guarantees

  • We will match any equivalent, like-for-like Vietnamese translation quote
  • We only use professional Vietnamese translators with at least five years’ experience
  • Our Vietnamese translators only translate into their native language
  • Our Vietnamese translation services are quick, efficient and reliable

    Vietnamese translation – a language overview

    Vietnamese is the national and official language of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people (Kinh). The language belongs to the Austro-Asiatic family and its alphabet uses a modified Latin script; the name Austro-Asiatic coming from the Latin words for ‘south’ and ‘Asia’, hence ‘South Asia’.

    It is also spoken as a second language by many ethnic minorities within Vietnam. Due to former French colonial rule, Vietnamese does have various similarities to French, certainly in terms of diacritics for tones, plus certain consonants and vowels.

    There is a substantial community of over one million speakers in the United States of America, where it is the seventh most spoken language (third in Texas).

    Much of the lexicon regarding science and politics has origins in Chinese, hence Sino-Vietnamaese vocabulary.

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