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Veritas Talk is our award winning sister company, which offers a professional telephone interpreting service, accessible from anywhere in the world. At any given time we have over 3,500 professional interpreters available 24/7, 365 days a year and in over 150 languages. Whether you’re a businessman in China or a tourist in Thailand, our simple, easy to use service is perfect for you.

What we will do for you

We will offer advice and guidance wherever needed, so you have a complete  Veritas translation and interpreting servicesunderstanding of how we can work with you:

  • We will compile your free quote and work out a deadline for your project.
  • You will be assigned a personal project manager (PM) who will update you throughout your project.
  • Your PM will select one of our highly vetted, professional translators or interpreters for you – each with at least 5 years’ experience in their field of expertise.
  • Similarly, we can create a team of specialised and experienced translators or interpreters if you have a larger project/assignment.
  • For all projects, we guarantee delivery by an agreed deadline.

“The service offered by Veritas provides us with instant translation for every destination we travel to, and has proved invaluable” TUI Group

Telephone interpreting is a mode of interpreting that is becoming ever more popular as businesses expand globally, as a service to aid communication between cultures when the speakers are unable to meet face to face. Telephone interpreting services can be useful for a variety of situations, but are most commonly used for overseas business negotiations and conversations with international commercial partners. As with any interpreting situation, telephone interpreting requires an interpreter with the skills and experience which allows them to accurately convey a source language message into the target language without losing any of its original meaning.


Our telephone interpreting service – how it works

 Veritas translation and interpreting services
1. We give you a unique account number. No subscription charges or set up costs!

 Veritas translation and interpreting services
2. You call us, tell us your account number or enter the language code and account number.

 Veritas translation and interpreting services
3. We connect you to a professional interpreter.

 Veritas translation and interpreting services
4. You only pay for what you use – charged by the second. No hidden fees.

Access to over 150 languages worldwide + Access to over 5,500 professional linguists worldwide + An interpreter in your pocket with no more language barriers.

One of the main benefits to somebody using a telephone interpreting service is the cost. In a normal interpreting situation, the interpreter would be paid on an hourly basis depending on how long their presence is required at an event, regardless of the time spent actually interpreting. In a telephone interpreting scenario, the interpreter is generally paid for each minute of the phone call and will obviously not require payment for travel time or expenses. The flexibility of telephone interpreting is also making the service more appealing to many people, as telephone interpreters can generally be contacted 24 hours a day. This makes the service ideal for anybody looking for a quick and easy translation service at any time of day.
The mode of interpreting used most often with a telephone interpreting service is consecutive interpreting. This is where the speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking. The speaker will pause intermittently, often after an exchange, and allow the interpreter to convey the message in the other language allowing for the other speaker to understand it. The interpreter must therefore be completely fluent in both languages to be able to interpret competently over the phone. It’s also vitally important for the speakers to be conscious of the interpreter’s presence in the conversation, making sure to speak slowly and clearly to ensure the utmost accuracy and precision on the part of the interpreter. The speaker’s should be aware that the conversation will not necessarily be as fluid and natural as a conversation between two speakers of the same language. Although using a telephone interpreting service is a relatively simple process, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with this mode of interpreting. Experience is vital, and as the interpreter cannot see the speakers, they need to have the ability to judge tone of voice to convey an accurate target language rendition of the source language speech.
A main concern for people looking for a telephone interpreting service is that of privacy and confidentiality. As a new and often anonymous person is added to the conversation, there are sometimes doubts that arise concerning the confidentiality of the conversation. This is why Veritas ensures that all of their translators and interpreters sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before they are permitted to carry out an assignment. This way, you can be sure that whatever is said between the speakers will remain between the primary parties and nobody else.

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