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We offer a wide range of language interpreting services to suit your needs. All our interpreters are degree qualified with at least five years’ professional interpreting experience and can work on-site or via our telephone interpreting service or via video links, according to your requirements.

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We will offer advice and guidance wherever needed, so you have a completeget a quote for translation and interpreting understanding of how we can work with you:

  • We will compile your free quote and work out a deadline for your project.
  • You will be assigned a personal project manager (PM) who will update you throughout your project.
  • Your PM will select one of our highly vetted, professional translators or interpreters for you – each with at least 5 years’ experience in their field of expertise.
  • Similarly, we can create a team of specialised and experienced translators or interpreters if you have a larger project/assignment.
  • For all projects, we guarantee delivery by an agreed deadline.

As our interpreters are often asked to deal with sensitive information, confidentiality is a priority.

  • We work with local interpreters all over the globe

  • Veritas works with over 5,500 qualified linguists

  • We are quick, efficient and reliable

  • All our interpreters sign full non-disclosure agreements before carrying out any work

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Interpreting is the process of oral translation between two or more speakers. It happens in real time, either in person or through a telephone or video link.

It is a challenging but important role as an interpreter must not only be fluent in two languages, but also possess the knowledge required to be able to speak with both authority and accuracy in their specialist fields. We understand that language interpreting is a unique skill that requires years of training, and our expert linguists are the best in the business.

During simultaneous interpreting, the linguist relays speech in the target language as quickly as possible after constructing it from the source language, while the source language speaker articulates continuously. The simultaneous interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and speaks into a microphone, being able to see the source language speaker and listen via earphones. The message is relayed to the target language listeners through earphones. This method of interpreting is very demanding and therefore it is common for two interpreters to work together on these assignments, taking alternate turns. This allows each to take breaks when required and ensures no information is missed or inaccurately relayed due to tiredness. Simultaneous interpreting is the most common method used by sign language interpreters. In this case, the speaker/signer, the interpreter, and the recipient (since the message can be relayed in either direction between the three) are required to be in close proximity.
In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks only once the source language speaker has finished speaking. The interpreter locates himself beside the source language speaker, and takes notes whilst listening to the section of speech. When the speaker arrives at the end of the section, the interpreter then relays a portion of the message or the whole message in the target language. Consecutive interpreting can be rendered through “short consecutive interpreting” or “long consecutive interpreting”. In short consecutive interpreting, the interpreter uses memory alone, since each message segment is kept brief. In long consecutive interpreting, the interpreter writes notes in order to aid the rendering of long passages.
Take our global language interpreting service with you wherever you are in the world Our telephone interpreting service (Veritas Talk) is available 24/7 in over 150 languages, allowing you to communicate with ease and at a low cost. There are no subscriptions or extra charges and you pay per second, not per minute. So if you use the service for 1 minute and 12 seconds, you won’t pay for 2 minutes. All you need is a telephone and an account with us, then you can simply pop our number into your phone and use the service whenever you want. We are just a call away!
Whispered simultaneous interpreting, sometimes called Chuchotage [shoo-shoh-tazh] after the French for ‘whispering’, has the interpreter whisper to a target-language listener or small group of target language listeners. The interpreter locates himself beside the target language listener(s), and whispers the interpretation. Whispered simultaneous interpreting is becoming ever more popular as it does not hinder the conference or meeting.

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