Week 9 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Nada

Week 9

I am very glad I went with the internship option for this module. I have been learning about the translation industry for years now but experiencing it first hand is a completely different story.

You get to truly understand how things work, why they work that way but not that other way. So much goes into translating one document and along the way you pick up new skills and improve on the ones you already have. The challenges you face along the way put your knowledge and skills into test. They make your learning experience so much richer as you are using your best judgement, which is based on everything you have learnt so far, into solving the problem at hand. Passive learning creates knowledge but active practice creates deeper understanding as well as new skills. That is why I think including practical experience in the form of internships in university curriculum’s should be made mandatory.

If you want an internship that will give you experience and an insight into the wonderful world of translation then contact Swansea University and join the elite!

Week 9 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Calum

Week 9

The first week of August. Now, most people around the world associate August with sun, soaring temperatures and sandy beaches. Wales, however, is an anomaly. This week we’ve had heavy rain, strong winds, heavy rain, grey skies, heavy rain, hailstones and of course…heavy rain. Although seeing that friends are living it up on Spanish beaches has left me slightlyvery bitter and despite reading that Southern Europe has been sweltering in 40+’C temperatures, the weather here in Wales hasn’t dampened our spirits at Lingua Translations HQ!

This week I’ve sent out quotes for more translation projects and have also been working on my first interpreting project. It was really interesting to see the differences between project managing a translation project and an interpreting one. With an interpreting project, there’s a lot more ‘detective work’ and research to try and find out the distance between the interpreter’s home and the interpreting destination, estimating how long the medical examination will be and calculating all the costs based on these findings. I’m really looking forward to managing more interpreting projects!

Although, in the office, we’re all praying for some better weather, it’s looking less and less likely with news reports suggesting that August will be a washout for the UK. Never mind, maybe I’ll have more luck next weekend when I jet off on my summer holidays to sunny…Ireland. I’ll pack an umbrella.

Week 8 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Nada

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place to stay but nothing grows there”

Two months in Lingua Translations! I honestly wish I have a time machine to freeze time or at least put it on a slow mode! Just when you settle in, have a routine going, it’s over! Well. It’s not over yet. I still have one month to go but still, I can’t help but to feel uneasy. In one month, this new routine I just adopted to is going to change. I have so much to do after this internship and I am still not mentally prepared for that, not just yet. I guess it’s normal to resist change but isn’t that how we grow?

Talking about growth, my share of tasks grew so much this week! It’s been cray cray!! I managed two projects, not a lot I know but managing projects while doing other tasks, all of which are on tight deadlines can be daunting! I translated some more pages, recruited new translators and I did some proofreading for Arabic translations which did not really require proofreading but our project managers here are kind of perfectionists which is a good thing, maybe not for their mental health but good for you as a client because you can trust your translations are in good hands!

Week 8 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Calum

Week 8

I can’t believe I’ve been an intern at Lingua Translations for 2 whole months!

This week I’ve had a chance to deal with languages that were completely unfamiliar to me before starting at Lingua Translations. I started the week by finalising projects that needed to be translated from English into Latin and Hebrew. It was so interesting to see how Hebrew is written. It’s so different to any of the languages that I’ve learnt! I also discovered that Latin verbs change depending on whether it’s written about a male or female.

I also recruited some Macedonian and Malay translators this week. As I love speaking to people from different cultures and backgrounds, reading about these translators’ past experiences was incredibly interesting. This is also a great opportunity for me to see what constitutes a good and bad CV, something which will definitely be useful upon graduating and heading out into the real, scary, world. The Malay and Macedonian translators have been really helpful and friendly, I’m very much looking forward to working with them on future projects!

With only 4 weeks left at Lingua Translations, I now have to start thinking about writing my internship report, the final assessment of my MA…dun dun dunnn…! Although I’m nervous about writing such a big, important report, I feel that I’ve gained enough experience over the last 8 weeks at Lingua Translations to actually begin writing it. Looking forward to week 9!!

Week 7 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Calum

Week 7

This week brought about some project management challenges as one project needed to be translated into multiple languages ASAP. Finding translators across Europe who are available to translate a text by the end of the day is not an easy task in the middle of the summer! At university, we were told by multiple speakers how important it is for a freelance translator be responsive to clients and translation agencies. Working for a LSP I can now see how true this is! The translation industry is incredibly fast paced and translation agencies need to ensure that their clients’ needs are met and satisfied. Project Managers are therefore unable to wait around for a specific translator if a client needs a translation urgently.

If I were to consider a career as a Freelance Translator one day, working at Lingua Translations has given me an invaluable insight into what qualities are needed to ensure that agencies designate you as their go-to translator in such a competitive market.  Responsiveness and friendliness go hand in hand with providing high-quality translations! I’m so lucky to have dealt with some fantastic translators, worked with excellent PMs at Lingua Translations and to have learnt from their example.

Week 7 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Nada

Of all tasks I got to do here, project management has to be my favourite. I enjoy the thrill of receiving a new quote request and creating a new project from scratch! I enjoy interacting with the friendly clients and translators and the anticipation for the translated work to be sent back. I get so much satisfaction when I check off a new item in my list and I don’t know why but a movie trailer voice immediately starts playing in my head and says “mission … accomplished!”.

But this week I had no live projects so it has not been the greatest. I guess this is how it is in this industry! One day you have no projects and the next you have all the projects in the world! But that gave me the chance to focus on the Arabic translation of the website.

I have to say, I am very proud of how the Arabic website is coming along! I only now have a few pages to translate and add to the website! I am so glad I got involved in this project, I learnt and I am still learning so much about commercial translation, localisation and website constructing.

I look forward to a new week full of new projects, new experiences, and some sunshine can’t hurt after all the rain we had this week!

Week 6 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Calum

Week 6

I can’t believe that I’m halfway through my internship! Six weeks have gone by so quickly!!

I’ve learnt so much over the past six weeks. I’ve developed so many skills that aren’t just useful for a career in the translation industry but for all types of jobs in the world of business.

I now feel at ease liaising with clients and translators in a professional, friendly manner.  I no longer panic when a new email lands in my mailbox and hope that if I refresh the page it will have disappeared or have answered itself! At the risk of losing all of my ‘street cred’ I now actually enjoy arriving back from lunch with a full inbox of unread messages! 🙂

I’ve gained so much practical experience during these short six weeks that will definitely help with any future career. I’m proud of the way in which I’ve dealt with different stressful situations and stumbling blocks as a project manager but still managed to provide solutions, meet deadlines and ensure customer satisfaction.

Using WordBee, a project management tool that I never thought I’d be able to get to grips with, has become second nature. I can set up projects, create invoices and quotes, send translations to translators etc. confidently and with ease.

I’m looking forward to seeing what new skills I will learn over the next 6 weeks and improving on what I’ve already learnt!

Week 6 as an intern at Lingua Translations- Nada

Halfway through my internship already!

I have been in the office only three days this week but my hands were very full during these few days.

I was doing a lot of researching, proofreading and project management. One of the projects I took on last week was the certified translation project. All I had to do this week was to finalise the project. Normally when you finalise a project you email your client the translated text and the invoice and you call it a day.


But with my certified translation project, I received by mail the actual certifying letter and I printed out the translation and stamped the translation and the certifying letter with an internationally recognised stamp. The client then dropped by the office to collect his documents.


Something about having an actual translation paper in hand and meeting a client in person was far more interesting and more rich in experience than contacting with clients through emails. From a business owner point of view, I would imagine that having a direct communication with one’s clients helps in building a strong relationship with them. Having a face to face interaction with clients goes along way. That’s why some businesses host tea parties for their clients.


Actually, one of the reasons I chose Lingua Translations to do my internship in over other translation agencies was because I have met Sharon twice before, so most probably on a subconscious level I felt I know more about her agency just because I had a face to attach to it and that comes as a no surprise because 90% of the human brain is visual communication.

Week 5 as an intern at Lingua Translations- Nada

Week 5

During my first few weeks here I learned about the different types of translation Lingua Translations provides. One that stood out for me was Certified Translation where you take translations to solicitors and notaries and swear in their presence on the accuracy of the translation. Now that to me sounded a bit extreme. So, I normally thought I’d never witness this kind of translation taking place while I am here. Little did I know that I will be managing one on my own!


It turns out, clients request such translations all the time. It requires more work than other translation projects obviously. You need to make sure you have the right translator for the job, then arrange for translations to be notarised and to be apostatised within a short time frame. Needless to say, it was very interesting working closely with the senior project manager on this one.

Week 5 as an intern at Lingua Translations – Calum

Week 5

Before starting this internship, lecturers at my university often spoke about the pressures and stresses of project management. This week, I finally got to see what they were talking about!

Finding a translator in a completely different time zone who is willing to translate an urgent project ASAP is not an easy task. Especially when the whole country that the translators are based in, is fast asleep and will be waking up when the whole of the UK is fast asleep!

Given that everything worked out in the end, I may be being a teensy bit dramatic, however it did teach me that no matter how organised you are as a PM, you’ll always get curveballs and unexpected surprises thrown at you. I suppose that’s what keeps the job exciting!

I’m still loving my time at Lingua Translations and I’m so grateful to have real experience working for such an exciting agency!

I can’t wait to see what next week brings.