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January 2012

Conference Interpreting: The Basics

Here at Planet Veritas we often deal with requests for interpreting from large companies who have experience with procuring these services. However, many of our customers from smaller organisations may not be as familiar with the spectrum of interpreting that is available to them. This blog post is therefore a rundown of what is meant by the term conference interpreting. Conference interpreters are required for multilingual meetings or conferences where delegates will need to be addressed in their own languages. The term [...]

Y… for Yankee

Welcome to the penultimate post from our amazing alphabet blog series! It has been a great adventure to discover what is behind the characters we use every day. And now here we are to the fabulous Y, so let’s have a closer look. As you have probably noticed already, the Y is in the shape of a fork, so the French scholar Geofroy Tory thought that it was a suitable symbol to represent the choice between vice and virtue. [...]