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December 2010


How do we understand Christmas? Surely, the answer depends on the individual, his or her religious beliefs, background and cultural understanding. Many homes worldwide will have a Christmas tree, some kind of Christmas decoration, special meal, or some other festive treat during the holidays. Children send their wish lists to Santa Claus or the Three Kings and everyone starts talking about feelings of love, brotherhood, solidarity... But Christmas is not celebrated in the same way worldwide. In fact, some traditions are [...]

And after that nice evening course?

Have you ever done a language course, enjoyed it a lot, and after a couple of months realised that you had forgotten almost everything? Here are some tips so that your foreign language won’t get rusty. If you have more, please share them with us! - Speak, speak and then ... speak!!! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes is a must at the beginning, but only practice brings improvement, so don’t worry... and keep talking!!! - Listen to radio [...]

Language Translation at Christmas

A week ago, having just finished my last blog post, which contained a throwaway remark about the Teutonic appetite for pork, I went for my lunch break and what did I see outside Swansea's new shopping precinct but a wooden hut selling “The Original German Barbecue” (or so they claim), including such exotic delicacies as “flame-grilled sausages”! How serendipitous, I thought, but as it turned out, there's a good reason why German-style Christmas markets are beginning to appear on [...]

Modern Muse

Swansea businesswoman inspiring generation of young females A young business owner from Swansea has been named amongst the UK’s 100 most inspirational women, thanks to her dedication to professional translation services. Planet Veritas, is to be featured in a book celebrating the achievements of 100 ‘Modern Muses’. The Modern Muse initiative, launched last week by Everywoman, is designed to inspire and engage the next generation of female business leaders by showcasing successful women of today in all walks of [...]

Ready for some exotic tongue twisters?

After Anna’s Polish tongue twisters, do you fancy trying some Italian ones? Let’s start with an easy one: Tre tigri contro tre tigri (Three tigers against three tigers). It sounds very easy, but try to say it quickly and you will soon get something which is more similar to ‘Tre trighi contro tre tirghi’!!! Also, this is quite difficult for people who cannot roll their Rs. Ready for the next step? Here we go: Trentatre trentine entrarono a Trento tutte e trentatre trottrellando [...]