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October 2010

Does English exist??

“Does English exist?” the linguistics professor asked, and suggested this might be a useful question to think about in our daily practice as translators. Well – yes and no. Imagine you are negotiating a contract with a translation agency or another prospective client who wants a large document translated into English, and you say, “Hmmm … actually, I'm not sure whether English even exists.” Not a good idea. On the other hand, we do need to remind ourselves (and others) occasionally [...]

Modern Imperialism

Linguistic Dominance or Imperialism can be defined as the transfer of power through language. In the 21st century, the English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, which is why it has been attributed the name of “world language”.  Being the lingua franca of the modern era, it is currently the language most taught as a foreign language.  Due to its extensive use  by diverse peoples, many linguists believe that “it is no longer the [...]

Lost in Translation??

Lost in Translation is a very funny film in which Bill Murray plays a hapless Hollywood has-been reduced to starring in a whisky advert shot in Tokyo, where he finds himself at odds with the local culture and at the mercy of an incompetent interpreter – in fact, a 100-minute argument for the importance of localisation and cross-cultural training. It is also a popular cliché which non-translators like to use when talking about the work we do. The implication [...]

Translator of the Week: Floriane Ballige

This week we are launching our new blog titled the 'Translator of the Week', a way to say thank you to our most dedicated translators.  Floriane Ballige is our translator of the week. She is not only committed to delivering quality texts but also always respects her deadlines.  She has been selected as the Translator of the Week for having translated 10 documents for Planet Veritas within a very short amount of time.  [...]